Copyright 2018 - Patty Jean Wiese

I was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1958. I have three older brothers. Though I thought it would be nice to have a sister, I did love being the only girl and the youngest.

We lived just outside of Portland, in Milwaukie and Canby, as vegetable farmers. We grew radishes, onions, spinach, lettuce of all kinds, beets, and other vegetables. We grew up working hard—but also doing our share of having fun. Outdoor watermelon fights, of course! Soaking each other with the giant hose we used to wash down the crates of produce. The best fun was filling the giant steel washtub we used to clean radishes with ice-cold well water and dumping each other in. No one could ever catch me!

I met my husband, Chuck, when I was thirty-one years old and he was thirty-three, but we had grown up just miles from each other—we just never knew it–and we both lived through the Columbus Day Storm of October 12, 1962. The storm started in San Francisco, California, and ended in Vancouver, British Columbia; Oregon was right in its path. The winds during the storm gusted to 120 miles per hour! Chuck watched the storm through his bedroom window. He saw a huge tree limb fly by—and then it stopped, backed up, and blew through the window, breaking it! That wasn’t the end of the strangeness: The tree limb backed out of the window and continued on its way. He was thrilled to learn that wind could work like that. He decided to become a meteorologist. His passion for weather increased my interest in it.

I’ve always loved to write. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a singer-songwriter. I was too shy for that and never pursued it. I didn’t decide to write a children’s book until I was married. While we were out of town one day, I asked my husband what the weather was going to be like back home in Portland, Oregon. Hearing it was going to rain, I said it was going to be a raindrop day. Randy the Raindrop has been a part of my life ever since.