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What a cute way to entertain and educate kids who aren't feeling sunny on rainy days.

The message is fun , and the illustrations are so cute.

I enjoyed reading and learning about rain plus the song was a surprise not seen in other such books. Great illustrations added to the fun of imagining Randy's journeys.

There was, without a doubt, lots of thought and devotion put into the creation of this book and Patty Wiese's first book has met her objective to bring smiles to the kids who read or hear its message.

I say two thumbs up and 5 stars as well. Kids in my family and network of friends will be delighted when they get their copy.

Claire Fillinger,

Portland Oregon

The book “Randy the Raindrop – I’m a little raindrop” is kind of long rhyme that little kids could listen to, learn and enjoy; and something that a little older children could use as their first reading books. The book illustrates the journey of a small raindrop from sky to the earth and back again, visiting different continents and countries, making new friends, playing with them and having fun.

It is so interesting to read an account of the raindrop’s experiences when in normal life, we usually have no time to look at life but from our own perspective. How beautiful a naughty little raindrop looks, sitting on the head of a little child or in the middle of the handle bars of someone’s cycle! The pretty illustrations that accompany the text are no less praiseworthy. The exuberant and lively children and the happy raindrop in the pictures set the mood for the text.

Enjoy!! And whenever you see a raindrop, don't forget to say "Hi!"

Vaishali Sethi

New Dehli


Randy, the Raindrop, is such a fun read! My Daughter loved it, and even when we had bad weather come through, she reminded me that “Randy” was just visiting!

The pictures are wonderful, the story behind the rhyme is great, and I will definitely keep this book as a must read at bed time!

 Jenna Bearden

Mount Zion, GA

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